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Easy Application
You'll love the simplicity of our application. Since we're never going to lend more than $250 we don't have to get into the deep details of your financial situation. We can rely on other factors like your employment income.

We Approve Fast
When dealing with such small sums we are able to fast track our approvals so that you don't have to wait very long to get a decision. Our speed and attention to customer service have made us a leader in online lending.

Completely Safe
There's no danger to you from people getting a hold of your personal and financial information. We have a long history in dealing with secure and confidential information so we know how to take care of it properly.
Getting Started
Submit Our Form
Gather up your personal details like your Social Security Number, your home address, phone number, driver's license, fill our our online application and submit our form.

Verify Employment Details
If you give us the wrong account number by accident you won't be receiving any funds. To minimize the risk of this happening, we get you to install our screen capturing application to send over your recent bank history.

We Transfer Your Money
You can expect to see your funds either today or the next business day. Every bank will be a little different.

Something Wrong?
Application not working? Can't install the screencap program? Something wrong? You can email or phone 207-618-8385 for immediate assistance.
Lending Sensibly
Urgent Issues
Is your expense a really urgent issue? Or is it some more recreational or just for peace of mind? If it's the latter then you can probably afford to wait a little bit longer before paying that bill. It'll be better for your wallet even if it doesn't feel as good.

What You Can Afford
If you don't borrow what you can afford you will almost certainly end up with another payday loan when this payday loan has run its course. You don't want to do that, and we don't want to do that to you so we have some controls in place like a cap of 50% of your paycheck amount on loans in addition to the state cap of $250.

This is only intended to get you over a paycheck or two. Any more and you're in traditional bank loan territory, and we suggest you purse that line of inquiry rather than spending your money on our relatively higher interest rates.

We Lend Across Maine
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Auburn Lewiston Caribou Presque Isle Portland South Portland Westbrook Ellsworth Augusta Waterville Bangor Brewer Bath Biddeford Saco